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Agidens and HIMA renew partnership for process safety systems

Both Agidens and HIMA focus on guarding the process safety of their customers production facilities. This week, both companies signed a renewed collaboration that creates a strong offering for dedicated process safety solutions.

Specialized in the engineering and integration of process control systems, Agidens is a longtime integrator of HIMAsafety systems for industrial plants. Hima, on the other hand, produces and delivers the actual hard- and software with which state of the art safety systems are being build.


Arnoud den Hoedt, Director Process Automation at Agidens, explains why this partnership is important: “With this agreement Hima recognizes Agidens as a trustworthy partner to integrate the Hima safety systems at industrial plants. We, on the other hand, have chosen Hima as a very reliable non-integrated safety system to use. For certain processing plants it is key to keep the safety system completely separated from the general process control system. In such cases, we recognize Hima as the specialist in this field. This collaboration guarantees the customer that the high end safety soft- and hardware is implemented according the HIMA standards in the processing plant, while at the same time respecting the applicable safety standards and communications with existing systems. A typical  case of one and one is three.”