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Agidens goes for international growth and brings infra expertise to The Netherlands

Agidens has established a subsidiary in The Netherlands under the name of Agidens Infra BV. This step is a part of our international growth plans, stipulated in the new strategic vision for 2020. We already have scored several large scale infrastructure projects with a market that offers much more potential. To execute and follow up the projects locally, we have a dozen vacancies in region.

Unique expertise for Dutch market

These past few years we have delivered several beautiful projects in the Netherlands: the automation of the lock in Heumen, a bridge in Alkmaar and one in Groningen. The realization of the DBFM projects (Design, Build, Finance & Maintain) for the lock in Limmel and the third pound of the Beatrix lock (Nieuwegein) is ongoing. Initially, we aim at the middle segment of the market, where we want to establish our position. “Our automation expertise is unique on the Dutch market”, says Geert Stienen, CEO of Agidens. “Our strength lies in the combination of several disciplines that few competitors offer. This allows us to deliver innovative and sustainable projects. Besides that we follow up a project from A to Z and we can also take care of the maintenance afterwards.”

Growth in Western Europe

Our 2020-plan contains the further development of activities in the Netherlands. Geographical expansion in Western Europe is one of the main goals. “The next couple of years the Netherlands are planning, among other things, to invest in so called ‘wet infrastructure’, something we are very good at. Local presence is crucial to monitor such projects on operational and administrative level”, says Geert Stienen. “That is why we are looking for a dozen extra people for different positions to strengthen the team in the Netherlands.”