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Ken Watzeels new general manager Agidens Infra Automation

Agidens, the Belgian system-integration company specialized in process optimization through advice, engineering, automated solutions, and maintenance services, welcomes Ken Watzeels as the new General Manager of the Infra Automation division. He will lead a team of 120 employees, distributed across our branches in Belgium and the Netherlands.

After having formed part of the Agidens family for 33 years, Marc Bocxstael, the current General Manager of Agidens Infra Automation, this year decided to scale down his professional career to be able to spend more time on his friends, family, and hobbies. This decision has kept Agidens occupied for quite some time given his extensive experience and contribution to the company’s growth. The quest for a suitable replacement therefore has been taken care of with due care.

On 1 May 2020, Ken Watzeels will take on the role of Division Manager of Agidens Infra. Ken has been working for BESIX as a civil engineer for the past fifteen years, four of which in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and eleven in the Netherlands. As a result of several joint projects in recent months, close ties have already been established with Agidens Infra. Ken Watzeels: “It all went remarkably quickly. I had such a warm welcome that it feels like I have known the team for years.” With his many years’ experience in hydraulic engineering works, he soon clicked with Agidens. Geert Stienen, the CEO of Agidens, is looking forwards to the future. “We are fully confident that Ken, with his experience, will continue Marc Bocxstael’s great work with his team, and we are already looking forward to a successful and constructive collaboration.”

Marc Bocxstael will stay on board for the coming year to advise and assist the team. Agidens would like to thank him wholeheartedly for his engagement, loyalty, and leadership in the successful expansion of the Infra division.