Additive Injection Systems

Additives are often used to improve the properties of petroleum and chemical/petrochemical products. However, adding them requires high levels of accuracy, efficiency, and safety.

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Additive Injection System

Agidens Bulk Liquid Storage supplies and integrates the necessary loading equipment to offer the highest possible accuracy for different applications, including

  • Improving performance
  • Anti-ice
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-foaming
  • Biocidess
  • Dye
  • Antioxidants
  • De-emulsifiers
  • Friction modifiers
  • Cleaning additives

Our services

  • Advice and guidance on the choice
  • System integration: existing ERP, TAS, TMS, process control systems, etc.
  • Supply, installation, commissioning, and start-up
  • Documentation and verification: FAT, SAT, approved certification, etc.
  • Staff training
  • Lifecycle Services: maintenance, 24/7 standby support, upgrades & migrations, etc.

Our products

Monoblock injector

  • MonoBlock manifold for additive injection.
  • Controlled by SSC-A, MSC-A, MSC-L, or third-party supplier
  • ATEX-certified

Why use Agidens Bulk Liquid Storage for additive injection?

  • Extensive application and integration knowledge
  • Many experienced service engineers, familiar with the Honeywell Enraf products
  • Always a tailor-made solution
  • The products are perfectly coordinated and, therefore, compatible
  • Honeywell Enraf is the global market leader in high-quality tank gauging equipment

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