CIP: from audit to execution

The cleaning of process installations is not only an essential part in the entire cleaning procedure of a production plant, it is also crucial for optimal hygiene in your company. Next to guaranteeing product quality and safety, an optimized cleaning procedure increases the life span of your process installation.

Agidens has a large experience in auditing CIP installations in a wide range of industries. We help our customers by analysing their existing solutions, and objects to be cleaned, in order to take concrete measurements to optimize their cleaning process. Thanks to our extensive know-how of industrial processing, E&I, automation and validation, we can also offer a complete A to Z project approach including design, construction or revamp of the CIP installation and testing & support.

Starting points for optimized installations


Actual and future capacities and limitations.

Product and pollution

Defining general cleaning philosophy (type and number of detergens, spray nozzles …).


Understanding your needs – make your CIP lean and mean.

Physical CIP objects

Number, type, location, …

Audit existing installations

1. Map Production / Cleaning planning

2. Review existing cleaning methods

  • Manual / Automatic
  • Lost cleaning / Recuperation / Drying

3. Scan Existing Installation

  • CIP station(s) design
    • Tanks: Number/Volume/Detergents/Hot/Cold
    • Supply/Return Lines: Number / In line heating or dosing
  • CIP Objects design
    • Number / Type (tank/pipe) / Cleaning equipment type and position
    • CIP Distribution / Pipe routing
  • Equipment (pumps, heaters, dosing systems)
  • Instruments (type, position)
  • Valves (type, position)
  • E&I hardware (VFD’s, obsolete equipment, Pilz safety…)
  • Communication (CIP station <-> CIP objects)

4. Evaluate software platform

  • Number and type of CIP Recipes
  • Number and setting of parameters
  • Flexible / User friendly / Alarm handling

What’s to gain?

Detailed report

Human safety – food Safety

  • Risk evaluation of current system (option Hazop, FMEA …)

Consumption wages

  • Calculations on use of water/detergent/power/steam…
  • Possible improvements related to modification cost

CIP recipe evaluation

  • Current situation vs. GoodCleaningPractices?

CIP cycle timing

  • Reduction in total CIP time cycli = cleaning downtime

Based on this report, some ROI calculations can be suggested:

Quick wins

  • Limited mechanical / electrical intervention
  • Focus on parameters + existing instrumentation

Small modifications

  • Additional equipment (instruments, VFD’s, …)
  • Small installation modifications (mechanical, electrical)

Big modifications

  • CIP hardware architecture (extra tanks or lines, object redesign …)
  • Software modifications + testing

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