Mobile ACIP for flexible cleaning

Clean process equipment is crucial in high quality food, beverage and fine chemicals processing. Since the regulations involved are becoming more stringent, automated and controllable, cleaning gains importance.

Why Cleaning In Place?

Agidens has many years of experience supporting a wide range of customers with CIP solutions. The latest addition is the development of an easy to use mobile ACIP module (Agidens Cleaning In Place) that allows you to clean any installation in the most efficient way.

Apart from the logical advantage of having to dedicate less work hours to the cleaning of your installations, full-automatic CIP cleaning has many other advantages:

  • Faster: less processing downtime
  • Ecological: optimal use of energy, chemicals and water
  • Safer: less accidents and exposure to chemicals
  • Easier: less disassembly and operator involvement – lower risk of errors
  • Validated: repeatability and traceability

Why a mobile CIP?

In many cases, CIP is an integrated part of the processing installation. In some cases however, it is more convenient to use a mobile CIP.

Test situations prior to upscaling

Small scale processing plants

Temporary cleaning needs

Requirements for a flexible mobile solution

Rent or buy?

The mobile ACIP is available for rent. According to the needs of your processing plant, you can rent it for a few days up to a few months. A specific training for your personnel can be provided, if necessary.

The mobile CIP skid is also available for sale.

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