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Maintenance & Reliability Engineering

As a maintenance partner, Agidens Life Sciences strives for maximum technical reliability of the installations. Our maintenance engineers and reliability engineers have years of practical experience and can advise in the areas of Preventive Maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Root Cause Analysis, and Spare Parts Management.

RCM: Reliability Centered Maintenance

The Reliability Centered Maintenance method systematically analyses what maintenance assets require. This is based on the assets’ functions and the consequences if they fail. Conventional RCM is very thorough and especially suited to highly critical installations.

Agidens Life Sciences often uses Industrial RCM for this. We use our database with maintenance actions for hundreds of different industrial components. Depending on how critical a component is to the business goals, and depending on the operating conditions, we use iRCM to determine which maintenance tasks are useful.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is used to identify and resolve the causes of structural problems in installations, and is more than just an analysis technique. We also help with implementing a continual improvement process.

Advice about spare parts

Keeping stocks of spare parts ties up a lot of capital. Having too much stock is expensive and often unnecessary. Not having a part in stock can have serious and costly consequences.

Agidens Life Sciences helps to determine the right quantities of spare parts to have in stock. We use our Sparecalculator© to calculate the viability of having certain critical spare parts in stock.

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