Validation for sterilization departments

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Validation for sterilization departments

Hospitals invest in professional sterilization departments with a focus on quality. After all, a controlled disinfection and sterilization process promotes patient safety. Agidens Life Sciences supports these departments with a wide range of validation and qualification services.

Why validation?

To comply with the current standards, hospitals must demonstrate that the entire process, from one patient to the next, is fully under control. From cleaning and disinfecting to effective sterilization: proper operation of the equipment contributes to minimizing infections in the next patient. A specific validation program is required to determine the efficiency of these devices.

Custom approach

Each project requires a specific approach. That is why Agidens Life Sciences coordinates its validation and qualification projects with the client’s needs and requirements. We take into account the equipment to be validated, urgency, procedures within the hospital, occupancy of the department, or the specific use of the equipment.

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