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New, safe, and efficient storage and vehicle loading for Stolthaven Moerdijk

Stolthaven Moerdijk - The Netherlands
Market Energies
Scope Terminal Automation
Country The Netherlands

Stolthaven Moerdijk called on Agidens Energies to increase the pumping capacity of its Tank Pits 1 (TP1) and 2 (TP2) in line with government safety regulations and to improve the quality and efficiency of its operational workflows. Agidens once again presented itself as a reliable one-stop-shop with its expertise in Process & Mechanical, E&I, Automation, Safety, and Networks.

Stolthaven Moerdijk is part of Stolt-Nielsen Limited, global providers of secure storage services for bulk liquids and gasses. Its global network of 16 wholly owned and joint-venture terminals provides storage capacity of nearly five million m³.

Ruud de Leede, Global E&IA Manager of Stolt-Nielsen: “We wanted to improve the safety and efficiency of our operational processes by increasing pumping capacity and further automation. One of the requirements was to create the best possible ergonomic working environment in a limited space. We also needed to give field-based operators more information via the HMIs installed in the field, which were fitted with QR readers linked to the existing order-based loading system to improve waiting times for operations such as vehicle loading.”

Multidisciplinary scope

Basic & Detailed Engineering

Process, E&I, Automation, and Safety Engineering

Construction & follow-up

Network analysis, virtualization, design & implementation

Testing & Commissioning

Maintenance & Support

Order-based loading with QR codes

Terminal Automation

Agidens put a strong focus on order-based loading to improve the operational workflow. This closed the digital circle from sales order to work order and physical loading at the loading bay to loading data registration and invoice creation. All without manual data entry during loading. This also means an end to the various paper flows.

Paolo Toffano, Project Manager of Agidens Energies: “We started this project by validating the vehicle loading in 3D modeling, then calculating the mechanical piping and flows. We took care of the E&I Engineering and safety compliance before starting the automation project. We then connected the alarms directly to the SCADA system in a later phase. This ensures that any alarms and events are filtered and only sent to the right people by email, SMS, or the App.”

Phased implementation, firm deadlines, and, above all, safety

The solution had to be implemented in several phases, with the first-phase commissioning in April 2020 and completion of commissioning in October 2020.

  • Proper communication and scheduling with Stolthaven Moerdijk were essential in this process. Although we implemented the entire software package in the first phase, it was partially hidden and inactive because the mechanical work had yet to be done.

Firm deadlines and strict site safety rules demanded clear communication.

  • Proper communication between the various internal disciplines and Stolthaven Moerdijk.

Implementation of messaging via SMS, e-mail, and the App.

  • The current network had to be optimized to allow this. Together with Stolthaven Moerdijk’s IT Department, we created a new network structure based on jointly drawn-up requirements and then implemented it successfully.

No delays despite COVID-19

Ruud de Leede: “When reconstructing the two TP1 loading bays, we had to take into account that one bay had to remain operational at all times. By working as a single project team right from the start, with other contractors and Stolt Operation in addition to Agidens and Stolt Engineering, we managed to complete an excellent project within the stipulated timeframe despite COVID-19 constraints. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, 3D modeling, review procedures, operational know-how, and a structured software FAT, we completed the reconstruction with no major delays or safety incidents.”

Technical information

  • Alarm forwarding via SMS, email, and App
  • Comprehensive design of process and automation to optimize operations
  • ATEX-proof HD touchscreen in loading bays
  • Field-based QR scanners for operator support

Relax … Your terminal is under control

Services range from customized terminal management systems to automated safety solutions and from tank gauging to process control systems. Agidens Energies has been providing dependable process and automation solutions for bulk liquid storage terminals for 50 years. We always aim for flexible solutions to increase efficiency while ensuring that the terminal meets all the latest safety and other standards.

Our principal strength is that we design to build. Our efficient designs offer flexibility for day-to-day operations in compliance with required or desired standards.

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