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Agidens new name for former Egemin divisions
Agidens. That is the new name of the former Egemin divisions that have continued together after the sale of the Handling Automation division and the brand name 'Egemin' to the KION Group. We are very pleased to announce our new name.

Agidens groups together the former Process Automation, Life Sciences, Infra Automation and Consulting & Services divisions and provides the same services as before. A clear focus and strategy, new resources and the support of the shareholders, assure a sustainable further growth for the company.

Why Agidens? Nomen est omen. Our name is a combination of the words Agile and Confidence. After all, it were flexibility and expertise that earned us the trust of our customers. That is how we developed a strong company with Egemin over the past 70 years. Agidens continues to build on that strategy. We want to continue to respond quickly to the needs of our customers and offer flexible solutions, so the added value for our customers is assured. Our employees, their skills and experience remain the same, as does our reliability.

Our new logo refers with an upwards arrow to operational excellence, progress and improvement.  The inverted “A” refers to our ability to think outside the box, to think along with our customers and partners in a creative and innovative manner. Our logo also indicates the twists and turns of a process referring to offering flexible (agile) solutions, we know “the way”, you can trust us (confidence) and we will not abandon you.  The modern, fresh green colour is both a reference to our corporate culture and our focus on sustainability.  This new logo provides Agidens with a clear and strong identity.  Agidens is a new name for 70 years of experience."

Our corporate structure has also changed on the first of June. That means that there have been some administrative changes in our data (e.g. company names and VAT numbers). You can find all the information on the downloads you find in the right column of this page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Agidens: a new name for 70 years of experience.

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