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Former Egemin divisions now officially Agidens
As from today (the first of June) the former Egemin divisions Process Automation, Life Sciences, Infra Automation and Consulting & Services work under the name Agidens. As we have announced in the course of May, Agidens will be the name with which these divisions continue together after the sale of the Handling Automation division and the brand name Egemin to the KION Group. Thus, our Handling Automation activities continue under the name Agidens. Here you find more information about why we have chosen AGIDENS to be our new name for the four former Egemin divisions. Agidens is a new name for 70 years of experience.

What changes as from the 1st of June?
For Handling Automation customers nothing changes. In Belgium, they will continue to work with Egemin NV.

The new Agidens companies are now officially active as legal entities with new names.
In Belgium:
  • Agidens International NV
  • Agidens Process Automation NV
  • Agidens Life Sciences NV
  • Agidens Infra Automation NV
In other countries:
  • The Netherlands:
    • Agidens Process Automation BV (which includes the Infra automation activities in The Netherlands)
    • Agidens Life Sciences BV
  • Switzerland: Agidens AG
  • Germany: Agidens Gmbh
  • France: Agidens SAS
  • US: Agidens Inc
Here you find more details about the changes for our customers or suppliers.

Our e-mail addresses have changed form into Our general e-mail address is now
The telephone number for the Agidens headquarters in Belgium is +32 3 641 17 70.

What hasn't changed?
Agidens still delivers the same services for the same markets: Tank Terminals, Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Infrastructure, Chemicals, etc. Our Egemin experts become Agidens experts, but their know how, experience and flexibility all stay the same. That is why our high quality service will remain unchanged as well.

The address of our international headquarters in Belgium remains Baarbeek 1, 2070 Zwijndrecht.

What will change in the future?
We will gradually introduce our Agidens visual identity. You will soon see our Agidens logo on letters, clothing, cars, etc. Our new website will be available soon. Next to that, our customers will benefit from our renewed focus on the needs of the markets we serve.

More information?
Do not hesitate to contact us at +32 3 641 17 70 or

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