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Agidens launches Mobile ACIP

Agidens launches flexible solution for the cleaning of process installations

The cleaning of process installations frequently causes a long interruption of production processes, often accompanied by manual operator interventions. Next to that, the cleaning process involves unnecessary waste of water. Automatized cleaning with a Cleaning in Place installation shortens the interruption significantly and provides a validated result with less waste of water. Agidens has now used its years of experience in the design, production and integration of CIP stations to launch a mobile version.

“Many of our clients have large scale processing installations for which an integrated CIP installation is indispensable,” says sales manager Danny Smets of Agidens. “Agidens keeps building customized integrated systems, but nowadays even the smaller food and chemical companies start automating their processes  in order to remain competitive. They ask us to provide a small-scale and flexible CIP solution. Therefore, we have now developed the Mobile ACIP.”

25 years of CIP experience in one skid

All the process and engineering experience of the company is used in one mobile skid. Danny Smets: “We have used our ACIP software, that is being used by different high tech food companies, to automate this skid. The main advantage of the Mobile ACIP is that you can use it for temporary cleaning projects and/or testing and that you can use it in different parts of the production plant. There is no need for fixed pipework. Furthermore, the Mobile ACIP can clean any type of installation and is expandable with different modules.”

Regulatory compliance

Agidens offers potential users of the Mobiel ACIP, who want to buy or rent it, more than just the installation itself. In close collaboration with the customer, the specific situation of the production installation will be analyzed and a detailed CIP action plan will be drawn up. “If needed, we provide support during cleaning or testing”, Danny adds. “Afterwards, the systems generates a detailed validation rapport which is the proof that the processes are hygienic and under control. Compliancy is becoming more important as regulations are getting stricter. The ACIP provides companies with an innovative cleaning solution and keeps them competitive in the market.”  

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