Electricity and instrumentation

Electricity and Instrumentation for process installations

Agidens´ origins lie in Electricity and Instrumentation (E&I). For almost 70 years now Agidens has been designing, installing and maintaining electrical installations and networks. This ranges from advice on customised solutions to maintenance. 

Advice and engineering

With our years of experience and extensive knowledge of E&I, Agidens is perfectly positioned to give you advice on the most challenging of (automation) projects. We, for example, carry out feasibility studies, give advice on the choice of equipment and setting up electrical network, as well as perform E&I engineering.

Customised solutions

We provide customised E&I solutions based on your expectations and requirements. After the conceptual design we supply the equipment, the installation, testing and commissioning. Our service comprises the design and installation of:
  • Electrical panels
  • Instrumentation
  • Cable networks
  • IT networks
  • Infrastructure for electrical installations (cable ducts, etc.)

Maintenance & Service support

Effective maintenance of an electrical installation ensures greater reliability and a longer service life. We provide a 24/7 support service that guarantees a speedy solution in the events of breakdowns or problems.

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