Cleaning in Place


Cleaning In Place (CIP) are sytems for automatic cleaing and desinfection of process installations. The purpose is to automatically clean a production process without having to dismantle or move the installation. 

CIP systems are an essential part in industrial processing. Integrating the cleaning process in the installation itself validates the cleaning, limits the duration of cleaning and avoids unnecessary interruptions in production. Furthermore, a well-designed CIP solution guarantees an optimized use of energy, chemicals and utilities. Next to guaranteeing product quality and safety, a thorough cleaning procedure increases the life span of your process installation.


Agidens ACIP solution distinguishes itself from traditional CIP installations by using standardized ACIP software, based on the industrial standard ISA88. We deliver a customize solution from A to Z:

  • Audit & advice
  • Design
  • Construction or revamp
  • Testing and support

The cleaning phases and sterilisation are carried out fully automatically and are dispensing-controlled. The data relating to cleaning and sterilisation are recorded, visualised and archived systematically. At the end of the process the crucial parameters are presented in reports in line with the regulations involved.


In many cases, CIP is an integrated part of the processing installation. In some cases however, it is more convenient to use a mobile CIP.

  • Test situations prior to upscaling
  • Small scale processing plants
  • Temporary cleaning needs
  • Requirements for a flexible mobile solution (less fixed pipework etc.)



We help our customers by analysing existing solutions in order to take concrete measurements to optimize their cleaning process. Our process engineers analyse your specific situation and advise on the most optimal cleaning solution. The following parameters are taken into account:

  • Planning: actual and future capacities and limitations
  • Product and Pollution: defining general cleaning philosophy (type and number of detergens, spray nozzles,…)
  • Process: understanding your needs – make your CIP lean and mean
  • Physical CIP objects: number, type, location,…


Agidens has a large experience in building CIP installations for a wide range of industries. Thanks to our extensive know-how of industrial processing, E&I, automation and validation, we can offer an A to Z project approach depending on your needs. 

Advantages of the flexible ACIP solution:

  1. Flexible recipe management for CIP parameters
  2. Validation reports and structured cleaning process follow-up (on PLC or MES level)
  3. Simple & layered user interface
  4. Robust & economical solution according to ISA88
  5. Easily scalable because of modular build-up
  6. Platform independent software (Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Wonderware) allows flexible automation

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