MES for food & beverage industries

Agidens and BrightEye help you to optimise the efficiency of industrial operational and production processes. With Momentum, we ensure more efficient operational management in a wide variety of prominent production companies.

What is MES?

1. Interface between production and administration
MES links administrative systems (like ERP and CRM) to the production environment by synchronizing these processes.
2. Manufacturing: execution and control
MES receives customer orders from an ERP system and transforms these into production orders scheduled on the applicable production lines. MES makes sure that the required resources (machines, personnel, materials) are available on time and it controls the production in communication with the underlying process control systems (PLC, SCADA,...).
3. Accurate information available to the right people at the right time
By filtering, analyzing and storing data in a structured way, MES transforms data from the production environment into usable information available to the right people at the right time. This way, corrective actions during (and not after) production are made possible. MES also provides a framework for tracking and tracing and KPI follow up.


The heart of Momentum is made up of 3 basic elements: product definitions, processes, and machines. In addition, the routing establishes the constraints for the course of the process at all levels. Various functional modules, such as APS (Advanced Planning System), WMS (Warehouse Management System), Track & Trace and Quality Control are
activated on top of the basic elements, according to the needs of your organisation.

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