Reception and storage of raw materials and (semi-)finished products

In the production and processing of food and beverage products a wide range of raw materials is being used. Agidens designs and builds process installations for the reception ((un)-loading docks) and the storage of products (powders and liquids). Agidens installs valves, manifolds, connection panels, etc. for the transfers to and from storage depots and process installations (mixing, blending, pasteurization, etc.). We thereby focus on:
  • Safety
  • Continuity and efficiency
  • Flexibility

Our scope for stockage solutions in food production

Agidens delivers turnkey installations fully compliant with regulations and customer expectations (e.g. HACCP, EHEDG, CIP/SIP, Pigging, CE, PED, Atex, etc):
  • Tanks (e.g. 304L/316L/etc.) atmosferic or pressure-tanks according PED
  • Components: pumps, valves, instrumentation, etc. suitable for utilities and/or food products (FDA, Regulation EC 1935/2004,…)
  • Piping
  • Electrical cabinets and cable networks

For every project Agidens delivers a tailored A to Z solution:
  • Project management
  • Engineering and CAD drawings (2D/3D)
  • Construction (mechanical and electrical)
  • System integration (PLC/DCS, HMI, MES)
  • Testing (FAT and SAT) & commissioning
  • Maintenance

Why choose Agidens?

  • With extensive process and product know how, we are able to assist our customers in the expansion or improvement of their production processes.
  • Modular design: e.g. standardized tank modules in hardware and software (S88) according to proven concepts
  • Prefabricated manifolds/skids incl FAT (shorter turn around)
  • Our independence to work with suppliers of our choice enables us to design the installations according to the customer’s needs


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