Quality Systems for Laboratories

Quality Systems for Laboratories

The reliability of equipment, accuracy and the integrity of analysis results are of great importance in each laboratory. We support you with our permanent endeavour to comply with all regulations by making use of solution-oriented, multidisciplinary consultants.

Together we look after the installation and proper operation of your lab equipment and information systems. Taking the regulations into account, we support robust, repeatable, accurate analysis methods according to a risk-based approach. Thus we contribute to the safety of consumers and patients.

Far-reaching integration

By means of a project-related implementation and far-reaching integration of the supportive processes – maintenance & reliability, procedures, release of results, informatics, method validation, thermal storage – we ensure your laboratory has the highest reliability. Our main customers are:
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Biotechnological laboratories
  • Nutritional laboratories
  • Environmental laboratories
  • Clinical laboratories

Working more and more efficiently

Our experts are ready to help you with the design, management and permanent improving of your laboratory, including:
  • Lean Lab assessments: cost-cutting, increasing efficiency, minimising the burden of error
  • Thermal mapping of storage: refrigerators, deep freezers, bio-freezers, ovens, incubators, sterilisers
  • Quality assessments: ISO17025, ISO15189, GMP, GLP, HACCP
  • Qualification of your instruments according to pharmacopoeias
  • Validation of your informatics and automation:  networks, servers, 21 CFR Part 11, LIMS
  • Developing calibration and maintenance strategies
  • Training with the focus on quality, processes and safety in laboratories
  • Safety assessments
  • Documentation: validation documentation, quality manuals, methods, procedures, process description

Know-how and best practices

When you turn to Agidens, you have access to multidisciplinary teams with experts in the field of informatics, quality assurance, technicians, project managers and scientists.

Over many years these teams have acquired expertise in laboratory processes: pharmacopoeia, thermal mapping, analysis methods, equipment, processes and microbiological sterility. As with all other Agidens teams they, too, are experts in correctly delivering projects with a predictable result.

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