Early Career & Internships

Early Career &

Your career path is yours to shape. You determine the pace and direction, and we fully support your choices, recognizing that each individual brings a unique skillset to the table.

Embrace bold challenges, maintain a curious mindset, and be eager to enhance your knowledge and skills to drive progress forward –  day after day after day.


Work at Agidens


Agidens presents the perfect environment for young graduates to flourish and develop talents. We’re an innovative company driven by a commitment to tackling technical challenges and seeking out motivated individuals eager to make a difference.

We prioritize attitude and are dedicated to nurturing your competence. With regular training and on-the-job learning opportunities provided, you are able to expand your skillset and reach your true potential.



  • Meet your new colleagues & experts
  • Start your Agidens career with technicals trainings
  • Discover all our innovative solutions & ideas


  • Your first projects within one of our industries
  • On the job training and guidance by a mentor
  • Additional training within your expertise
  • Receive immediate feedback from our experienced engineers


Your growth is our priority. Therefore, we continuously encourage learning and offer various career opportunities. Grow at your own pace, with tailor-made training to grow in the direction you want.


“If variety and development are high on your list of priorities, a job as a consultant at Agidens is what you’re looking for. It’s a company that puts your talents first, and also a safe home base where you’ll find a lot of opportunities in different projects, and where you learn every day.”


Magali Polfliet
Magali Polfliet
SMO Manager – Testing & Inspection Services
“Agidens does not only put a strong emphasis on training, you also receive the necessary support within your range of duties to be able to develop yourself further and grow within the company. The more project you do, the more independence and responsibilities you’ll get to boost your career.”


Benjamin Pepermans
Benjamin Pepermans
E&I Engineer
“The right combination between challenging projects and a nice work-life balance, that is Agidens for you. The open-minded culture truly is amazing. This makes working a lot easier and fun to do. Especially with the colleagues I have. Everyone is very motivated and enthusiastic. I find that teamwork is the key to success. Together we are able to deliver good projects.”


Lars Mattheyses
Lars Mattheyses
Project Leader Automation Projects
“For me, the most important thing is to help other people grow. I think it’s fantastic to be able to help people in their development and see them take steps to keep on improving. Not only in terms of work, but also personally. Because at the end of the day, those two things go hand in hand.”


Lieke Hazenbroek
Lieke Hazenbroek-Etman
Team Leader – Validation Services
“Since I’ve only just finished my studies, it’s really important to me that there are lots of prospects for learning and opportunities for growth. I also really appreciate the flexibility offered at Agidens.”


Shelly Fripont
Consultant – Testing & Inspection Services
“During every stage of a project, my tasks are always completely different. At the start, most of my time is dedicated to understanding the needs of the customer and understanding how a process should work. This focus shifts to making a working system by documenting how we are going to execute the project. After that, the writing of codes and making screens begins. Last but not least, we implement the solution and go test it in the field.”


Yassin El Yousfi
Yassin El Yousfi
Automation Engineer
“I love being part of a project’s entire journey – from its initial concept to the final construction. Along the way, I have the privilege of working with cutting-edge materials and fanstastic colleagues. They are incredibly open and supportive. At Agidens, your talents and limitations are recognized, and there’s always room for growth and improvement.”


Peter Bresseleers
Peter Bresseleers
Team Leader – Automation Projects
“I love working in the process automation industry. I’ve always been intrigued by big things, moving things … At Agidens, I really get the feeling that I understand processes and that I can help in having a positive impact in those processes. Also, the amount of knowledge gathered here at Agidens is amazing. Working in an environment like this motivates me every day to outshine in what I do.”


Stefan Muller
Stefan Muller
MES Engineer
“Each day is different. As a team, we have a big portfolio with different projects. Together we negotiate who gets which project. If suddenly there are any critical cases, we make sure that we find a solution as a team. This creates a pleasant collaboration with the client. That appreciation is shared with all of our colleagues to engage motivation.”


Johan Matthijsse
Johan Matthijsse
Team Leader – Validation Services
“At Agidens, they are very focused on self-development. Agidens really wants you to grow and they provide an environment in which this is possible. The Agidens culture is a culture in which you are allowed to learn from your mistakes.”


Jan Van Ewijk
Jan Van Ewijk
Consultant – Validation Services


We welcome students seeking industrial experience through master theses, bachelor internships, or summer work opportunities.

You’ll have the chance to participate in various aspects of our ongoing projects or contribute to innovative concepts. Rest assured, you’ll have a mentor to guide you throughout your time with us, helping you develop your professional skills.

“We value your interests and are open to explore your ideas. Feel free to reach out to us with your creative suggestions, as we are always considering fresh perspectives and collaborate on innovative concepts.”

Veronique Vandeleene HR Director


Variety & Projects

Working at Agidens means collaborating with top-notch clients in the process industry, being involved in every step of the project, and moving beyond a traditional desk job. You’ll stay updated and work on diverse projects across various industries.

Fast-Paced Challenges

As part of our team, you’ll adapt to the rapidly evolving industry and our fast-moving projects. You’ll have the opportunity to enhance your creative and problem-solving skills while reaping the rewards.

Personal Growth

Your growth is our priority. At Agidens, you’ll continuously learn through regular training and mentorship programs. Receive immediate feedback from our experienced engineers, and develop and grow with each new project, choosing your own pace and direction

Team Atmosphere

We believe in the importance of a supportive team spirit that encourages collaboration. You’ll experience a positive work environment where happy and motivated colleagues thrive, and stay connected through regular meet-ups and social events.

Flexible Workspace

Join our talented colleagues at the office and immerse yourself in a dynamic workspace. When you need to concentrate, opt for your home office. We provide the necessary tools and resources to excel in your role and support your success.


Are you passionate about technology like we are? We would be delighted to mentor and support you as you embark on the initial stages of your career. Explore our job openings and don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’re eager to connect with you!

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Agidens is an equal opportunities employer. We invest in diversity, ensure equality and encourage expression. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, bias or discrimination towards applicants and employees.