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Engineered Solutions

Agidens developed a suite of proven engineered solutions, tailored for specific industry applications. Our refined designs balance standardized modular components with the flexibility to adapt to your unique process needs.

By employing these state-of-the-art solutions, our customers bypass lengthy design cycles and gain a competitive advantage.



De Brabandere

“Our customer was delighted with the quality of the hopped beer. In fact, the independent end customer tasting panel rated the flavor tests even better than the original finished product.”

Yves Benoit Automation Maintenance & Facility Manager

Integration of AHOP at De Brabandere Brewery

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De Graafstoom

“The CIP set has 6 seperate circuits with a total of 150 connected objects, and has been designed very big based on the necessary simultaneity of all objects. The tanks are 50m³ and the cleaning volume varies between 40 and 90 m³ per hour.”

Wim Pol Project Manager at Agidens

New CIP installation for De Graafstroom

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Food & Beverage
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Dry-hopping process challenges

Since the specialty beer volumes are increasing, the current dry-hopping techniques face challenges coping with bigger hop volumes. A safe, controlled and  automated solution will augment efficiency and lower the cost of the process and hop usage while improving beer quality and flavour.
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The rise of connected workers

The Connected Worker solution addresses bulk liquid storage industry challenges by enhancing safety & efficiency. It integrates valve operations through the Smartflow platform and TWTG sensors, improving safety, compliance, data transparency, and efficiency.
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Data-driven insights with Predictive Maintenance

Much of IIoT data goes unused or is not leveraged to its full potential. This is where predictive maintenance and other data analytics solutions come in, helping businesses make sense of the data and use it to drive better outcomes.
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Agidens designs, builds and maintains turnkey industrial solutions. We carry out projects from A to Z, covering all aspects ranging from Solution Design, Process & Mechanical Engineering, E&I Engineering, Process Automation and end-to-end Project Management.

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Validation &

Patient safety is at heart of our business, always meeting quality demands and complying with legislation. Agidens is your valuable validation partner in the handling of GMP/GLP/ISO projects. Together we ensure that you remain within the guidelines and standards in force.

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Digital Transformation

Many digital transformation initiatives struggle to progress beyond the pilot stage. At Agidens, our unique blend of domain knowledge and digital expertise empowers you to fully harness the potential of digital transformation.

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Industrial Services

Industrial processes continually evolve. Agidens stands by you throughout the entire lifecycle of your process, ensuring control and optimal performance. Our experts in energy, safety and maintenance collaborate with you to identify, design, implement, and monitor improvements.

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