About us

About us

Progress doesn’t wait. Progress is constant, needing only the right elements to keep going. At Agidens, we believe that the right automation solutions, digital technologies and value added services combine into production processes that improve every day. Processes that are safer, better, smarter. More flexible and more sustainable. Because we need to be ready for what the world needs next.

Because progress never stops.

Agidens - Progress Never Stops


Production companies need to adapt to shifting market demands quickly, safely and efficiently – constantly. Agidens is the industrial process automation partner that improves production processes, day after day.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, your company needs to move forward. Constantly. You can’t afford to stand still, because progress won’t wait for you. Our profound automation and software expertise lets us achieve that constant progress.

Agidens improves industrial production processes, day after day. We believe progress is continuous. And we want to contribute our part in making it happen at our customers’ sites. The focus is the future and we are always moving forward.

+ 500
+ 75
Years active


Agidens is committed to satisfying its customers and other stakeholders and aims to be a trustworthy, reliable and sustainable partner.



Trusted advisor

We are a trusted advisor with decades of experience that provide perspective and knowledge. Two qualities we put to good use. By answering their questions, we help customers to see new opportunities and to overcome any obstacle.

Total dependability

We are totally dependable. Whatever the assignment, you can rely on us. When we give our word, we keep it. We’re responsible for our actions, and accountable for the things we commit to.

Openness of spirit

We have an open spirit. Progress happens when you say yes where others say no. We don’t shy away from new queries or daunting challenges. We trust on our capabilities and processes to make it happen.

Flexibility of action

We are flexible. Every project has its surprises. We are able to shift quickly, turning our experience and built-up instinct into sensible solutions to unforeseen challenges.


As a medium-sized international enterprise, we want to roll out our policy on sustainable entrepreneurship consistently across all our services, and branches all over the world.

Ethical entrepreneurship

Agidens is committed to ethical entrepreneurship and condemns all forms of discrimination, intimidation and violence in the workplace, and in its relationships and other activities. Respect for individual values and rights form the basis of our relationships with clients, employees and other stakeholders. We strive for equal opportunities and equal treatment for all our employees.

Corporate social responsibility

Agidens strives for an open, constructive dialogue with local authorities, social partners and all other groups involved with our activities. Where possible we support local initiatives on a social, cultural and economic level.

We ensure our employees work in safe, hygienic and healthy surroundings. We aim to give all employees a good balance between their work and private lives.

Ecological entrepreneurship

We want to minimize our impact on the environment and CO₂ emissions by using an ecological and energy efficient infrastructure, processes and products, and by including these values in our range of products and services. We encourage sustainable mobility, such as cycling to work, public transport, more ecological fleet vehicles and carpooling.



Agidens’ leadership represents a strong and dynamic team of industry veterans with proven track records.

Hedwig Maes - Agidens
Hedwig Maes CEO
Steven Peeters - Agidens
Steven Peeters CFO
Philip De Keulenaer - Agidens
Philip De Keulenaer CTO
Veronique Vandeleene HR Director
Ann Van Goethem - Agidens
Ann Van Goethem Corporate Legal Counsel
Peter Cox - Agidens
Peter Cox Sales Director
Jeff Krbec - Agidens
Jeff Krbec General Manager
Automation Projects
Pieter Tilkens - Agidens
Pieter Tilkens General Manager
Arnoud den Hoedt - Agidens
Arnoud den Hoedt General Manager
Software Solutions


The Board of Directors brings relevant experience, expert advice, and strategic guidance to all aspects of our business.

John-Eric Bertrand Non-Executive Chairman
André-Xavier Cooreman Non-Executive Board Member
An Herremans Non-Executive Board Member
Christian Leysen Non-Executive Board Member
Louis Verbeke Non-Executive Board Member
Jo Breesch Non-Executive Board Member
Jo Deblaere Non-Executive Board Member
Urs Marti Non-Executive Board Member
Hedwig Maes Executive Board Member


Though we insist on being and staying unchained, we are properly valued by numerous of the best known brands in the industry: suppliers of software, manufacturers of hardware modules and distributors of all kinds of HMI, SCADA and IIoT solutions.



Rockwell Automation selects Agidens as Gold System Integrator within Partner Network Program

The Gold System Integrator status recognizes Agidens’ proven expertise in implementing Rockwell solutions. This achievement highlights Agidens’ expertise and commitment providing high-quality automation solutions with Rockwell technologies.

Agidens is an Ignition 8.1 Gold Certified Integrator

This certification highlights our profound knowledge in Ignition. As we tackle the digital transformation challenges of Industry 4.0, Agidens remains focused on staying ahead with technology. Today, flexibility is key, and through the functional modularity of the Ignition platform, Agidens delivers perfectly tailored software solutions for our customers.

Agidens Successfully Re-Certifies as Siemens Solution Partner

Agidens once again met Siemens’ rigorous global standards. These benchmarks, consistently used to enhance partner capabilities, mirror the exacting criteria Siemens utilizes for its own workforce development. Every Siemens partner regularly renews their certification to maintain this standard.