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Data-driven Optimization

Manufacturing companies are sitting on a massive amount of data generated during the production process. Leveraging this data is hard, but worth it. Companies who invest smartly in the skills, technology and processes necessary to unlock their data will reach the next level of optimization, with tangible improvements in productivity, energy efficiency, quality & safety.


Want to run smarter operations? You can start by doing more with the data you collect. Less than 20% of the data generated by industrial companies is used. Even less is analyzed, that means that up to 80% of data is not being properly leveraged for analytics and decision making. We are changing that.


Current challenges

Many manufacturing companies face the challenge of not having accurate, up-to-date information about their operational processes. There’s a lot of information out there, but it doesn’t always reach the people who can use it effectively. This issue makes it hard to understand important factors that affect outcomes like product quality or energy use.

Often, this lack of clear information leads to a trial-and-error approach instead of using data-driven strategies, causing unpredictable and inefficient processes. And depending too heavily on human experience, without the support of data, can hinder consistent optimization.

In light of new regulations such as CSRD and NIS2, there is an increased need for clear and controllable production processes in manufacturing. Maintaining visibility at all times is essential to meet these requirements.


Unlock data:
bring clarity

To become data-driven, the first step is to unlock the available data. Invest in the collection, storage & processing of data, as it’s often locked in various systems, goes nowhere and is rarely analyzed or used to detect patterns.

Create insight:
understand why

Interpret the data and try to understand why certain things happen. By looking at the data, you can gain an additional set of objective insights.

take informed action

Based on the additional insights, you can take certain actions to optimize the production process. Go the extra mile with state-of-the-art AI techniques for real-time process optimization.



The Agidens approach to data-driven solutions.

Think big

  • Set lofty ambitions.
  • Pick a specific use case with clear business value at stake.

Start small

  • Build your path to value.
  • Begin with a small scope that delivers value.
  • Focus on the E2E stack, covering the unlock, insight & optimize cycle.

Scale fast

  • Technology that support scale ambitions.
  • Align your technology choices to how you plan to scale.
  • Invest in connecting your OT & IT systems.


Becoming or being data-driven is not straightforward. Making it stick requires substantial and specific know-how. Agidens stands out thanks to its wide range of OT, IT & business expertise.


OT expertise

  • Automation engineers with extensive expertise in process control systems (Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider)
  • Process engineers who build state-of-the-art process installations; specialized in Food, Fine Chemical, Pharma and Energies processes
  • OT network experts to setup a secure, performant OT network infrastructure, facilitating local or cloud-based data applications

IT expertise

  • Software developers who can setup, integrate & maintain your data-driven applications.
  • Data experts who apply cutting-edge analytics techniques on your operational data to unlock value for your operations
  • Platform developers who design and implement secure infrastructure using state-of the-art modular platforms to ensure a properly dimensioned infrastructure

Business expertise

  • Business analysts with extensive experience in scoping data driven solutions, assessing the business case and safeguarding scope of the project
  • Project managers who drive an agile team forward to deliver maximum value for our customers
  • Domain experts in maintenance, reliability, energy, security … to tailor the use cases to your specific business needs




Whether it’s data transparency, (condition-based) monitoring, advanced analytics or real-time process optimization, the first step towards achieving your production optimization goals is filling out the contact form. Discover how Agidens makes sure that progress never stops.