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Energy & Sustainability

Bridge the gap between climate goals and reality with Agidens’ proven energy & sustainability expertise. Achieve energy efficiency through tailored services and a comprehensive approach.

Our goal is not only to implement energy-saving measures but also to monitor and maintain these optimizations, facilitating a cycle of continuous improvement.



Energy and sustainability are pressing topics not only due to high energy prices but also because more and more companies are setting ambitious climate and sustainability goals. Often, there’s a gap between ambition and reality – and that’s where Agidens steps in. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve climate neutrality.

The first step towards reducing energy consumption is to gain insight into the various energy flows. By understanding where, when, why and how (much) energy is being used, we help identify waste and opportunities for improvement.

The next step is to act on these insights, eliminating waste and establishing a short, medium and long term strategy for energy optimization (e.g. consuming less) and decarbonization (e.g. emitting less).

At Agidens, we assist our clients throughout the process: from implementing quick wins all the way to completely reevaluating the production process and introducing new technologies that allow for thorough decarbonization.

By integrating energy monitoring & energy management into a broader scope of asset monitoring, we ensure that the energy savings and emission reductions realized are maintained and that quests for further improvement becomes a continuous process.

Energy Audit

Gain insights into energy flows. Our experts map consumption of WAGES and identify waste and opportunities for improvement. Next, we help integrate the insights into a structured plan for implementation.


Energy Optimization & Decarbonization

Turn audit insights into practical energy-saving and/or emission-reducing measures and take swift action on quick wins. Our experts help evaluate various business case scenarios as well as technological alternatives for decarbonization. We assist in scoping, engineering & implementing optimization projects and processes.



Energy Management System

Establish a structured and effective energy management system based on ISO 50001. Our consultants create a comprehensive plan, determine KPIs and stakeholders, automate monitoring & reporting, and ensure clear organizational structure for lasting results.


Navigate the eco-conscious era with Agidens – transforming sustainable business practices from optional to essential. Harness our expertise to reduce consumption, eliminate waste, and maximize efficiency, empowering your company to thrive with a minimized ecological footprint.

Tom Lesire SMO Manager Services at Agidens


Most medium to large-sized businesses are faced with regulatory obligations to undertake regular energy audits and to invest in energy saving measures, as part of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EU-EED), environmental permits (Flanders), or Environmental Management Act (Netherlands). Some opt for voluntary participation in initiatives like the Flemish EBO energy policy agreements or the Dutch MJA long-term agreements.

Agidens consultants expertly assist clients with tailored audits based on specific needs. Our comprehensive reports and energy plans empower companies to save energy, invest in the right opportunities, minimize their ecological footprint, and boost sustainability.






Agidens & PowerPulse joined forces for an energy audit at OTSA, delivering a roadmap to optimize their energy policy. The results that emerged from this audit were significant: despite previous efforts and audits of OTSA, Agidens identified more than 15% of potential energy savings.

Strategic energy plan for OTSA

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Has your business set climate and sustainability goals? Are they achievable, ambitious or utterly impossible? Do you have a clear plan towards climate neutrality? Is your company ready to question everything or are you stuck on quick wins? We would love to hear about your challenges.


Lifecycle Support

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Maintenance & Reliability

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Navigating the complexities and challenges of Technical Safety is crucial for efficient and secure operations. Our comprehensive approach includes services such as HAZOP, ATEX, Process Safety in line with IEC-61511, and Machine Safety following ISO-13849 standards.

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