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At Agidens, we believe progress never stops. Our experts in IIoT, Data & Analytics, MES, TMS, and WMS are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of digital transformation for your industrial processes. We collaborate with you to design, deploy, and scale tailored digital solutions that drive efficiency and growth in your operations.

Many digital transformation initiatives struggle to progress beyond the pilot stage. At Agidens, our unique blend of domain knowledge and digital expertise empowers you to fully harness the potential of digital transformation.



Agidens combines a distinctive fusion of process, automation, data, IT, and OT technology expertise. Collaborating with best-in-class partners, we create and implement tailored applications that deliver value swiftly, addressing your unique challenges and processes.

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Digital transformation initiatives often begin with a pilot but face challenges in expanding further. Companies struggle to justify the business case, as large, lengthy programs with uncertain timelines and scope creep demand substantial funding.


Emerging technologies like IIoT, Digital Twins, and AR/VR are bridging the gap between IT and OT. The integration of these technology stacks necessitates vigilant attention to security, performance, stability, and redundancy.


Digital solutions transform how stakeholders engage with production processes. The success of a digital solution hinges on its adoption, which requires early and consistent involvement of all stakeholders throughout the design and implementation process.



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“Our people are freed of the paper on the floor, and can now focus on their expertise and the production quality. Agidens ensured that the lives of our employees on the production lines became a lot easier.”

Bob Van Rompuy Chief Technology Officer

Integrated MES as final piece of the puzzle in digitization

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“By implementing ALINE, a more efficient throughput of trucks was ensured. It allows Nynas to comply with regulations, to avoid errors and reducing cost to operate.”

Governance Manager at Nynas

Terminal Management System ALINE at Nynas

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Data-driven insights with Predictive Maintenance

Much of IIoT data goes unused or is not leveraged to its full potential. This is where predictive maintenance and other data analytics solutions come in, helping businesses make sense of the data and use it to drive better outcomes.
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The rise of connected workers

The Connected Worker solution addresses bulk liquid storage industry challenges by enhancing safety & efficiency. It integrates valve operations through the Smartflow platform and TWTG sensors, improving safety, compliance, data transparency, and efficiency.
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Life Sciences
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Statistical tools are crucial for process validation

Through relevant experience with statistical methods & analysis, our qualified team will provide you with the proper tools for all the different stages of the Process Validation. We will support you along the Product Life Cycle of process validation, including DOE, sampling plans, capability study, and SPC.
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Agidens designs, builds and maintains turnkey industrial solutions. We carry out projects from A to Z, covering all aspects ranging from Solution Design, Process & Mechanical Engineering, E&I Engineering, Process Automation and end-to-end Project Management.

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Industrial Services

Industrial processes continually evolve. Agidens stands by you throughout the entire lifecycle of your process, ensuring control and optimal performance. Our experts in energy, safety and maintenance collaborate with you to identify, design, implement, and monitor improvements.

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Validation & Testing

Patient safety is at heart of our business, always meeting quality demands and complying with legislation. Agidens is your valuable validation partner in the handling of GMP/GLP/ISO projects. Together we ensure that you remain within the guidelines and standards in force.

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Engineered Solutions

Agidens developed a suite of proven engineered solutions, tailored for specific industry applications. Our refined designs balance standardized modular components with the flexibility to adapt to your unique process needs.

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