E&I Engineering

Each project has an impact on the immediate production environment. Agidens Food & Beverage takes care of all the electrical and instrumentation (E&I) modifications. Our E&I Engineers design the entire electrical installation and calculate and determine all its components. We also design the electrical cabinets in close consultation. Building, testing, and acceptance of the cabinets take place in our own workshop.

Years of experience

Agidens Food & Beverage has more than 70 years’ experience in designing, building, and maintaining electrical installations and networks. We offer reliable solutions for a wide range of electrical and instrumentation projects.

We use CAD tools in all our E&I Engineering, such as AutoCAD, ePlan, or AutoPlant. This allows us to create models, drawings, and documentation so that the intended result is immediately visible. Our knowledge of materials and our excellent relationships with suppliers mean we can provide price-conscious, high-quality, and fast implementation.

We design and install

Electrical panels


Cable and IT networks

Infrastructure for electrical installations

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