Expertise Process Automation Ignition 8.1: Gold Certified Integrator

Ignition 8.1: Gold Certified Integrator

As a Gold System Integrator for Inductive Automation, Agidens has deep expertise in developing and implementing control systems using the Ignition industrial application platform. Our Ignition-certified engineers have a strong track record of delivering results to clients in the life sciences, energies, food & beverage and fine chemicals industries.


Ignition Gold Certification

Put Your Industrial Data to Work

Ignition is a robust, next-generation software platform designed for Industry 4.0. With Ignition, we deliver custom human-machine interface (HMI) applications, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications, MES applications, database applications, IIoT solutions and more.

Agidens has a dedicated team of certified engineers who can implement Ignition according to your needs. We help you build and scale Ignition applications, ranging from single-site SCADA or historian setups to complex multi-site data aggregation, collection, control and reporting use cases.

Ready to take control?

Agidens is your trusted partner for industrial automation and validation. We ensure that your automation system is future-proof, integrating seamlessly with existing processes and systems to help you drive efficiencies effectively.