Agidens is an Ignition 8.1 Gold Certified Integrator

Agidens is an Ignition 8.1 Gold Certified Integrator

Agidens is now a Gold Certified Integrator for Inductive Automation’s Ignition 8.1 in design, implementation and support. Our gold partnership recognizes Agidens’ dedication and expertise in the Ignition platform, an Industry 4.0 platform that bridges the gap between the plant floor and the executive floor.



Agidens is your trusted partner in industrial automation and validation. We ensure seamless integration of your automation system with existing processes and systems, maximizing visibility of plant equipment to help improve all areas of manufacturing operations. We are committed to staying on top of the latest technologies, providing innovative solutions to engineering and manufacturing challenges.


Ignition is an industrial automation solution that lets you connect all your data, easily design industrial applications and instantly web-deploy unlimited clients for the cost of a single server platform.

As an IIot platform, Ignition makes it easy to track KPIs, ingredients consumption, critical downtimes and more with reporting and analysis accessible in real-time.

Industry 4.0 systems that delivers

Our comprehensive project management service provides an end-to-end solution, from initial concept and design to implementation, deployment and support services, delivered by expert engineering teams.

Agidens’ 200+ expert engineers, with diverse backgrounds in manufacturing and software development, provide our clients with automation platforms that deliver the best results.

“This certification highlights our profound knowledge in Ignition. As we tackle the digital transformation challenges of Industry 4.0, Agidens remains focused on staying ahead with technology. Today, flexibility is key, and through the functional modularity of the Ignition platform, Agidens delivers perfectly tailored software solutions for our customers.”

Dries Smeuninx Lead Automation Engineer – Ignition
at Agidens

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With over seven decades of experience in industrial process automation, Agidens blends its expertise with state-of-the-art technologies.

Let our experts guide you through the possibilities of Ignition, identifying use-cases where the Ignition platform can significantly improve your operational efficiency and impact.

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