Agidens becomes system integration partner of OSIsoft’s PI System

Agidens becomes system integration partner of OSIsoft’s PI System

Agidens, the European system integration company specialized in process optimization through advice, engineering, automated solutions and maintenance services in the field of Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, (Fine) Chemicals & Energies, announced that it’s now an integration partner of OSIsoft’s PI System. With this partnership, Agidens can respond even better to the existing market needs and act as a one-stop-shop process solutions and integration partner. Today, over 65% of the Fortune 500 industrial companies rely on the PI System.


Agidens Osisoft partner

The PI System from OSIsoft, a global leader for enabling operational intelligence, captures data from manufacturing equipment and transforms it into rich, real-time insights to reduce costs while preserving brand integrity. It collects data from over 450 different interfaces, such as control systems, lab equipment, databases, manual entries and custom software, and gives manufacturers real-time insight into operations to deliver consistent quality, increase productivity, reduce waste and, ultimately, transform the way they run their business.

Nowadays, companies often deploy the PI System on as an enterprise solution with a global support model attached to it. Nevertheless, there is often the request for local support, in the proximity to the customer’s production process, and with knowledge of the automation system and specific customers operations. With this partnership, Agidens is able to translate the customers’ needs into actionable solutions on top of the OSIsoft PI System.

Logical next step

Patrick Smit, Business Unit Manager for Process Solutions & Automation at Agidens AG: “We see a tendency from the market to go towards OSIsoft’s PI System to follow regulatory demands, obtain data integrity, audit trail, enhancement of process knowledge understanding and improve product yield or predictive analysis. Particularly in the Life Sciences and Food & Beverage and (Fine) Chemicals industries, we notice that a lot of our customers already have an OSIsoft installed base in place, and some have plans to integrate an OSIsoft solution. For Agidens, it’s a logical next step to expand our existing capabilities with the OSIsoft PI System.”

Hedwig Maes, CEO of Agidens International NV: “As being a vertical solution provider, and being close to the customer’s business process, Agidens feels that it holds a key position to provide the OSI PI System to existing and new customers. On top of that, Agidens provides consultancy and validation services, giving us more insight into the customer’s process. We feel that both aspects can mutually strengthen each other into an integrated solution with added value for the customer.”

“Industrial companies around the world are in the midst of a once-in-a-century transformation. Agidens brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge about vertical markets, and digital technology that can help customers establish new and aspirational goals for compliance, data integrity and operational excellence.”

Petter Moree Industry Principal for Life Sciences at OSIsoft