NIS2 and the impact on your organization

NIS2 and the impact on your organization

The impact of NIS2 on businesses

The NIS2 Directive is an update of the NIS1 European Directive intended to increase investments in cybersecurity, improve the security of network and information systems, and reduce cybercrime in the European Union. This directive is being reworked into legislation for each EU member state.

What does NIS2 mean for Belgian & Dutch companies?

“Entities active in the defined sectors that had more than 50 employees or an annual turnover of more than 10 million euros in their last two financial years will need to comply with the provisions of the directive. NIS2 requires these companies to review and possibly strengthen their cybersecurity practices to meet the new requirements.”

Gert Vanden Bergh IT Director at Agidens

Wider application

NIS2 covers more sectors than NIS1, including energy, transport, banking, health, and digital infrastructure.

Stricter security requirements

Companies must take technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of their network and information systems.

Obligation to report incidents

There is a stricter obligation to report security incidents, which means companies must report incidents more quickly and in more detail to the relevant national authorities.

Supervision and enforcement

The NIS2 Directive enhances supervision, enforcement, and penalties for non-compliance, with potential higher fines for companies that do not follow the rules, up to 10 million euros and even personal liability for directors.

Risk management

Companies must adopt a risk management approach, including regular security audits to manage and reduce their security risks.

Supply chain security

There is also a focus on securing the supply chain, where companies are expected to assess and manage the cybersecurity risks of their suppliers.


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