Agidens achieves ISO27001 certification in information security

Agidens achieves ISO27001 certification in information security

Agidens, a leading European automation solutions provider for the industrial processing industry, has successfully completed the ISO27001:2013 certification audit, meaning it is now able to guarantee the highest level of information security for its customers. This ISO27001 certification is testament to Agidens’s continued commitment towards strengthening its own information security and protecting customer data, all while ensuring business continuity. The company achieved this certification following the successful completion of a rigorous audit process.

ISO27001 sets out guidelines for a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS), a systematic approach to managing information that involves all people, processes, and IT systems, all while ensuring that all data remains confidential. This is widely considered the gold standard in information security. This certification strengthens Agidens’s position as one of the most secure service providers, while also testament to the meticulous security procedures and practices put in place by the company and its staff.

As part of the certification process, an external auditor evaluated and assessed the internal security and privacy protection of Agidens’s ISMS. With the company meeting the ISO’s strict compliance standards, it is now subject to a cycle of annual auditing, whereby it is required to demonstrate its continued ISO compliance, along with a continual improvement of its internal process, in order to maintain its status.


An architecture that protects security, privacy, and compliance

The certification process was a joint effort, support by every level of the company. At Agidens, privacy and data protection are a priority. As such, this certification represents its latest milestone in information security, demonstrating Agidens’s ambition to provide guaranteed information security.

Gert Vanden Bergh, IT Director at Agidens: “We are incredibly proud of our 100% security assessment success. At Agidens, among other things, we have developed an architecture that protects the security, privacy, and compliance of the data that we process. This also reassures our customers that we prioritize information security and are able to ensure business continuity in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.”

According to Vanden Bergh, this certification is the first step towards independent international certification: “ISO27001 not only covers our information security methods and organization, but also looks at facilities, building and office access management, and how we manage access to information. It takes account of how data is securely managed, stored, and accessed, along with every aspect of supply chain management involved.”

Maarten Wouters, Information Security Manager at Agidens, adds: “All we need to do now is ensure that our staff comply with all measures and guidance, as well as organize sufficient interim evaluations throughout the year so that we can make timely adjustments and further strengthen our level of security on an annual basis.”