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Strategic energy plan
for OTSA

Within the framework of an energy management optimization project at OTSA (Oiltanking Stolthaven), an analysis of the present power consumption had to be carried out. Therefore, Agidens and PowerPulse decided to work together and – after an extensive energy audit – delivered a roadmap with well-defined steps to improve the company’s energy policy in a structural way.


Based on the results of the audit, the energy plan for the entire terminal had to be developed as a part of an environmental permit application. Because of the long collaboration between the two companies – four decades in the field of Tank Gauging and two decades for Process Automation – OTSA chose Agidens as their partner for the project.

OTSA entrusted this task to Agidens, because of the terminal specific expertise they can provide and their specialization in the field of energy management. In addition, Agidens works in close collaboration with the consultants of PowerPulse, who offer specialized advice concerning the energy production process, the purchasing strategy and the energy contracts.


Thorough data analysis

During the energy audit, the energy expert of Agidens worked in close collaboration with OTSA staff. Agidens started off with the documents and the measurement data that were available from the existing automation systems. Where necessary, research on-site was performed to gather missing information and data. Based on the gathered information, the most energy consuming installations were identified.

Reduction of energy consumption

The examined data gave us insights into the operating hours and the energy consumption. Additionally, the processes and the applied techniques were screened. This resulted in the identification and budgeting of various improvements as well as an analysis of the return on investment of these investments. Besides that, Agidens provides support for the implementation of these optimizations.

Optimization purchase of energy

PowerPulse focused on, among other things, the consumption per quarter-hour to analyse OTSA’s consumption profile and its impact on the energy contracts and invoices. The consultants also analysed OTSA’s purchasing strategy and contract prices were compared to the market supply, in order to quantify the optimization potential.

The results that emerged from this audit were significant: despite previous efforts and audits of OTSA, Agidens identified more than 15% of potential energy savings. And although energy had been purchased at competitive rates for quite some time, PowerPulse identified almost 10% additional cost saving potential.

Project Manager at OTSA

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