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Q\Platform: Inline Fluid Analysis

The existing quality control methods for fluid transfer at tank terminals can be inefficient. Samples must first be sent to a laboratory, which can cause delays and increase waiting times at the terminal. And then it remains to be seen whether a single sample is representative. As an alternative for the commonly used open sampling system, FuQon has now developed Q\Platform, the inline quality control system that analyses fluid continuously and in real time. At the same time, operator and environmental safety are guaranteed. Agidens Energies is the exclusive distributor for system integration and first-line support.

Q\Platform is the number one solution for monitoring the quality of fluids continuously, quickly, and safely. The Q\Cell is installed in a small bypass of the main pipeline.  The Q\Cell has a NIR sensor (Near-Infrared). When a fluid flows through the Q/Cell, the sensor measures the amount of light passing through the fluid. This light transmission gives information about the chemical composition of the fluid.

The Q\Platform continuously monitors the fluid quality, from the beginning to the end of the pumping operations. This ensures that any potential deviation during the product transfer will be detected. Using Q\Platform can prevent accidents, incorrect transfers, and long waiting times to ensure high-quality results.

Moreover, the Q\Platform is a closed system, meaning that no tanks need to be opened.

  • Continuous analysis of the fuel
  • Real-time reporting via a stand-alone dashboard or integration in DCS
  • Immediate intervention possible
  • Non-invasive and scalable
  • No need for calibration
  • ATEX-certified
  • All-round offer

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