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Customized Maintenance & Reliability training

Do you want to lower maintenance costs without jeopardizing quality, staff, or installations? This requires properly trained staff. Agidens Food & Beverage provides a full package of courses on asset management and industrial maintenance, maintenance management, maintenance engineering, and safety.

All of our courses are developed for maximum practical applicability in everyday practice, and our trainers are widely recognized as experts in their field, with many years of practical experience. These courses are delivered at our head office in Antwerp (Zwijndrecht) or the Netherlands (Gorinchem). We can also offer courses at external locations.

We offer

Industrial RCM

Setting up maintenance plans for regular installations.

Planning & Scheduling

Preparing daily tasks within the maintenance departments and for projects.

Root Cause Analysis

Handling structural problems as a team.

Failure finding and repair

Failure finding, repair and reporting skills for technicians and operators

Precision maintenance

Awareness and skills acquisition for precise mechanical assembly.

Maintenance Management

Management and supervision of the maintenance department.

Implementation of maintenance by production

Setting up a program for transferring maintenance tasks to production staff.

The role of operators

Awareness and skills acquisition for operating and monitoring own installations.

Effective technical reporting

Prompt and clear reporting of technical information.

Supervision of work by third parties

Overseeing of work by third parties (legal requirement).

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