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50% reduction in mechanical inspections without quality loss

At a leading international materials and recovery technology firm, a four-strong Agidens team optimized the mechanical inspections. Non-relevant inspections were eliminated and the frequency was reduced by an average of fifty percent on an annual basis, always with a focus on maximum machine efficiency. Thanks to the knowledge database that was collated and documented, all relevant maintenance information is reliably stored.



The first phase of the work involved mapping out all the potential inspections. Agidens then drew up inspection documents to make sure all the information was reliably stored.

Sophie Vermeulen, Reliability & Maintenance Engineer at Agidens: “Our analysis showed that the frequency of many inspections could be reduced and that superfluous inspections could be eliminated. The principle is always to guarantee optimal machine efficiency, but that isn’t achieved by carrying out excessive inspections. Simply by adjusting two factors, we obtained an average reduction of fifty percent in the number of inspections per year. We also structured the rounds of inspections, in cooperation with the inspectors, so that they could conduct them as efficiently as possible.”

Thanks to Agidens’ thorough approach, the in-house inspectors now have more time to properly conduct the inspections that are needed.


Several services, each with their own methods and mindsets

Agidens provided a uniform written procedure across all services.

In-house inspectors have a limited amount of time

To work as efficiently as possible, the Agidens consultants accompanied the inspectors during their rounds. This ‘on-the-job’ approach had the advantage of allowing the inspectors to do their work while Agidens gathered a great deal of valuable information in the process.



Per service, average number of inspections cut by half
Extensive knowledge database for full recording of all relevant maintenance information
More efficient rounds developed to minimize time wasted by inspectors when moving around the 111-hectare site


Our client’s current CMMS system has been operational for approximately fifteen years, and a new CMMS system is being developed. Sophie Vermeulen: “In this context, our experience provides valuable input for the internal project team. Even when it comes to preparing the data for migration from the old system to the new system, Agidens can offer the necessary support.”

“A dynamic product environment needs dynamic maintenance plans, which must be continuously adjusted and updated. Agidens was the ideal partner to support us with this.”

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