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Energy audits

The first step in energy-conscious asset management is acquiring insight into energy flows. In order to save energy, you must first know where, when and why that energy is being consumed.

Energy audit approach

Agidens’ Energy & Sustainability Team uses a three-tiered audit approach in which the various users and processes are examined in increasing detail. An optimization plan is then drawn up on this basis.

Energy audit tier 1

In a Tier 1 audit, our energy experts assess the main energy flows (WAGES: water, air, gas, electricity and steam) and look for energy waste and potential energy-saving quick wins. They do this on the basis of historical consumption data and technical data (machine lists, operating hours, visual inspections etc.). The quick wins are explained in the report:

  • What settings or processes can be optimized?
  • Where can a change of behavior make a difference?
  • What repairs or upgrades will deliver significant savings?
  • Where can the energy contract be optimized?

Energy audit tier 2

In a Tier 2 audit, we build on the results of the Tier 1 audit to add more details. Where necessary, temporary mobile energy measuring devices are used to collect any missing data or to verify initial results in practice. Opportunities for energy-saving measures are examined in further detail, evaluating different technologies and calculating the performance of the measure in question.

Energy audit tier 3

The Tier 3 audit focuses on long-term energy strategy. The insights from Tier 1 and Tier 2 audits are incorporated into an energy plan, allocating priorities to the different energy-saving measures. We also investigate how the energy management can be structured within the organization: stakeholders, EnPIs, parameters etc.

The aim of a Tier 3 audit is not only to implement the energy-saving measures but also to monitor and perpetuate these improvements, to facilitate a continuous improvement cycle.

Legal obligations versus voluntary commitments

For many companies, conducting an energy audit is a regularly recurring responsibility, either under the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EU-EED), in connection with the environmental permit (in Flanders) or under the Environmental Management Act (in the Netherlands).

Other companies make this choice voluntarily, e.g. to participate in the Flemish government’s EBO energy policy agreements or the MJA long-term agreements in the Netherlands.

Our consultants have been supporting clients for many years in conducting such audits, which feature a combination of elements of the Tier 1, 2 and 3 audits, depending on the specific requirements. The findings, including the profitability analyses for potential investments, are incorporated into a report or energy plan, which companies can make practical use of to save energy and reduce their ecological footprint.

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