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Corporate responsibility

As a medium-sized international enterprise, we want to roll out our policy on sustainable entrepreneurship consistently across all our services, divisions and branches all over the world.

Ethical entrepreneurship

Agidens is committed to ethical entrepreneurship and condemns all forms of discrimination, intimidation and violence in the workplace, and in its relationships and other activities. Respect for individual values and rights form the basis of our relationships with clients, employees and other stakeholders. We strive for equal opportunities and equal treatment for all our employees.

Corporate social responsibility

Agidens strives for an open, constructive dialogue with local authorities, social partners and all other groups involved with our activities. Where possible we support local initiatives on a social, cultural and economic level.

We ensure our employees work in safe, hygienic and healthy surroundings. We aim to give all employees a good balance between their work and private lives.

Ecological entrepreneurship

We want to minimise our impact on the environment and CO₂ emissions by using an ecological and energy efficient infrastructure, processes and products, and by including these values in our range of products and services. We encourage sustainable mobility, such as cycling to work, public transport, more ecological fleet vehicles and carpooling.

The CO₂ performance ladder

To further invigorate our policy on CO₂ emissions, we started working with the CO₂ Performance Ladder. By calculating our CO₂ footprint, we can map our most important CO₂ emission sources and draw up targeted reduction goals.

The level at which we deal with CO₂ reduction meets the level 5 requirements set by the SKOA/CO₂ Performance Ladder.


Agidens has converted its own energy consumption into CO₂ emissions in order to gain more insight into its CO₂ emission per energy flow. This insight enables us to draw up effectual objectives. The CO₂ footprint was first calculated in 2016 and is recalculated every 6 months. The results are communicated internally and externally.


Agidens has set reduction targets to effectively reduce its CO₂ emissions. Reduction measures have been drawn up to obtain these goals and are assessed every 6 months on their effectiveness.


Every 6 months Agidens publicly communicates about its energy reduction policy in terms of insight, reduction and participation in initiatives.


Agidens actively participates in initiatives related to the reduction of CO₂ emissions within the sector and beyond. At this moment, this initiative is NL CO2 Neutraal (in Dutch).

Want to know more about the CO₂ Performance Ladder? Visit the website of Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement and Business (SKAO).

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