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Design and build of an automated SIP installation

Our client is an international group active in the food industry. The company offers a full range of innovative products, raw materials and application expertise in the bakery, pastry and chocolate sectors. Products and services are available in more than 100 countries and are provided by several production plants around the world. At one of our client’s plants, an existing sterilization installation needed to be replaced by a new automated version with a higher SIP capacity. A challenge Agidens was glad to accept.



  • Conceptual design
  • Process engineering
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Draw up of P&ID’s
  • Actual construction and automation (PLC, SCADA, etc.)
  • Electrical engineering and Instrumentation
  • Project & site management
  • Testing & validation
  • Commissioning

“First, we have taken a good look at the existing sterilization installation. Together with the input and requirements of the client, it formed the basis for a completely new design of a fully automated Sterilization In Place installation, that offers a number of specific benefits for the client. In this project, we have delivered a turn key installation, taking care of every discipline involved.”

Marc Pieters Project Manager Agidens


Since long, Agidens delivers high quality SIP and CIP installations for a wide range of industries. Our process engineers determine, in close collaboration with the client, the most optimal SIP solution, while taking into account the actual and future capacity of the installation.

Just like all projects, the SIP for this client offered some specific challenges to be tackled by the Agidens team.


The client asked for a solution in which three containers could be sterilized at the same time. This caused the team to:

  • find a good balance in the pressure supply for the 3 containers.
  • control the temperature of the installation during the simultanuous sterilization of the containers.


The limited space available obliged the team to design and build a compact construction, next to an existing CIP installation.


Agidens replaced a semi automatically operated system by a fully automated version, which limits the tasks and time investment of the operators involved.

CIP case


Agidens does not only deliver technical installations. At the plant, we proposed a solution that increased the sterilzation capacity and decreased the pressure on the operators. The sterlization is now easy and fast:

  • The containers are being installed
  • The operator starts the process at the control panel
  • The sterilization is being executed automatically


Seeing that the simultaneous sterilization reduces production loss and operators do not have to handle the installation manually, this fully automated solution saves our client time and money. Agidens designed and built a turn key Sterilization in Place installation, including Steam supply, Valve manifolds, Filter units, Cooling equipment, Control panel and As-built documentation.

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