Expertise Thermal Validation Validation of bedpan rinsers

Validation of bedpan rinsers

In every hospital, it is essential to prevent cross-contamination. Therefore, it’s important that the effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection processes is always optimal. For this reason, the washer-disinfector should be periodically validated.

For the validation of bedpan rinsers, our validation experts take into account the following standards and/or recommendations: NEN-EN-ISO 15883-1, NEN-EN-ISO 15883–2, NEN-EN-ISO 15883-3, NPR-CEN-ISO/TS 15883-5, and HGR 9682.



Although the function of a bedpan rinsers is self-explanatory, performing its validation is not straightforward. The success of our validation method lies in the thoroughness and precision of our approach.



Every validation process begins with a thorough identification of the bedpan rinser and associated materials, such as detergents and descaling agents.

Comparison of Parameters

The measured parameters of the bedpan rinser (such as temperature and the volume of detergent) are accurately compared with the preset values to ensure absolute precision in the cleaning and disinfection process.

Analysis of Criteria

Our validation focuses on three essential criteria:

  • Cleaning: We check the dosing of detergents and descaling agents and monitor the efficiency of the washing process, including the removal of manually applied soiling.
  • Disinfection: Using portable temperature sensors, we measure the disinfection temperature to ensure effective disinfection.
  • Drying: A thorough visual inspection ensures that each load is correctly dried.

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