Expertise Thermal Validation Validation for disinfection of endoscopes

Validation for disinfection of endoscopes

Flexible endoscopes are increasingly offering more technical capabilities. As a result, they are becoming more complex, making it increasingly difficult to clean and disinfect them. Manual disinfection is no longer accepted; machine cleaning is the recommended method. And this requires a controlled process.


To meet current standards, hospitals must demonstrate that the entire process, from one patient to the next, is under control. The person responsible for disinfection must be able to demonstrate the correct operation of both the endoscope disinfector and the drying or storage cabinet. This ensures that the endoscopes are always properly cleaned and disinfected.

To determine the efficiency of these devices, a specific validation program is necessary. Endoscopes differ significantly in use and composition from traditional instruments. Agidens provides a tailored solution.




  • Through validation, you gain insight into what actually happens inside the device. If desired, process improvements can be implemented.
  • With a brand-independent execution, every defect is noticed.
  • We check if your endoscope disinfector complies with all applicable standards (ISO 15883-1/4/5) and guidelines (SFERD, HGR, …).
  • We check if your drying and storage cabinet meets the applicable standards (NEN-EN ISO 16442).
  • Our validation report is your documented proof and adds value during audits. It demonstrates that the entire process is under control.


Each project requires a specific approach. Therefore, we tailor our validation and qualification projects to the needs and requirements of our clients. We consider the equipment to be validated, urgency, applicable procedures, occupancy rate of the department and specific use of the devices.

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Agidens has over 25 years of experience in validation & compliance and is a well-known name in the hospital world. Our clients trust us because of our expertise and ‘no nonsense’ approach, and with reliable service, we are a long-term partner.

Ellen Van Der Plas - Agidens