Expertise Thermal Validation Validation of washers

Validation of washers

At the core of every sterilization process are the washers. They are essential machines that ensure the cleaning and thermal disinfection of reusable surgical materials. Our validation experts ensure that washers perform optimally, with strict adherence to international standards and guidelines.


To demonstrate that the cleaning and disinfection processes of instrument washers are conducted correctly, these must be periodically validated. In the validation of cleaning and disinfection processes of instrument washers, our validation experts adhere to the standards NEN-EN-ISO 15883-1, NEN-EN-ISO 15883-2, and NPR-CEN-ISO/TS 15883-5.


NEN-EN-ISO 15883 – 1 & 2

The basic standards for cleaning and disinfection.

NPR-CEN-ISO/TS 15883 – 5

Specific guidelines for testing and validating performance.

Thorough Validation for Optimal Performance

Identification & Analysis

Each validation begins with a careful identification of the washer and associated components (such as carts, detergents and drying agents). We compare the actual performance parameters (such as temperature and the volume of detergent) with the set standards to ensure accuracy.

Three-Step Validation Process

Our validation includes an in-depth analysis of three crucial criteria to ensure flawless cleaning, disinfection, and drying of medical instruments:

  • Cleaning: We check the dosing of detergents and monitor the washing performance with specialized equipment to ensure thorough cleaning.
  • Disinfection: The effectiveness of the disinfection is ensured through accurate temperature measurements, performed with portable sensors.
  • Drying: A thorough visual inspection confirms the efficiency of the drying process, essential for maintaining sterile conditions.

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