Expertise Thermal Validation Validation of endoscope dry cabinets

Validatie van endoscopendroogkast

It is important for the endoscope drying cabinet to function correctly. Therefore, the cabinet should be periodically validated. For the validation of endoscope drying cabinets, our validation experts adhere to the following standards: NEN-EN 16442 and NEN-EN ISO 14644-1.


After endoscopes are washed, they need to be dried in a cabinet. This is crucial to protect the endoscopes from physical damage and to prevent contamination in moisture droplets.

Identification & Sampling

Identification of the drying cabinet and surface sampling of the cabinet to check for microbiological contamination. The samples are sent to specialized laboratories.


Control & Check

Control of the drying after the drying process. The temperature inside the drying cabinet during the drying process is also monitored using portable temperature sensors.


During the drying process, the number of particles in the cabinet is measured with a particle counter.

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