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Revamp and automation of existing tankpits at ATPC

Agidens was involved in the project from the start of the conceptual phase. In close cooperation with the ATPC project team, the electrical, instrumentation and automation concept was determined.



Agidens as tank terminal partner in this project

Based on this concept Agidens proceeded with the detailed engineering and, because of the very tight schedule, started in parallel with the E&I execution works. The main challenge of this project was to the tank pits operational during the project.

Mitigation of the resulting additional safety risks was of course essential, but the quality of the
engineering, the delivery times of the equipment & instrumentation, the planning and the required flexibility during execution were key factors to success.


The entire installation has been fully tested and documented by Agidens, helping ATPC to be compliant with all applicable regulations and to enable their technical crew to maintain the installations during the operation of the terminal in the years to come.

The automation concept is based on:

  • The use of an automation platform with integrated safety functionality
  • The control of the installation is executed by 1 central processor and decentralized remote IO via Profisafe network
  • Operator interfacing & control philosophy are based on the Agidens standard for terminals, including automatic routing


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