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Turnkey delivery and validation of a process installation for Pfizer

After a thorough investigation Pfizer selected Agidens to design and build a completely new sterile formulation process at their plant in Puurs. Agidens took the challenge as an EPC contractor and delivered in close cooperation with Pfizer a turnkey solution. From start (conceptual design) to finish (validation of entire the installation), Agidens’ approach was driven to provide the client with a single point of contact.



Blue-chip pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer expect their suppliers to work according the highest standards possible. They want a team that can think along, adds know how to the process and guarantees a high quality GMP compliant installation. Therefore, both parties set up a joint project team in which Pfizer engineers added specific product & process know how to the existent process & automation expertise of the Agidens engineers.

This innovative approach with an integrated on-site engineering team resulted in a top-level project performance and allowed one dedicated Agidens-Pfizer team to take up all necessary services involved.


  • Joint Project Team (with a single point of contact for the client)
  • Conceptual design of the process and the installation
  • Basic & detailed engineering (including 3D visualisation)


  • Delivery and installation of the entire process chain (tanks, piping, skids, pumps, valves,…)
  • Automation (including Software, Electrical & Instrumentation, SCADA, etc.)
  • Commissioning
  • Validation of all equipment installed


Procurement and Construction was an integral part of the project scope. We constructed several skids and connected them on site, to deliver a completely functional installation.

  • Solution, suspension and holding tanks, several of which are mobile
  • In-line blending system including an in-line mixing device
  • Isolator to add products manually
  • All software necessary for automation and integration of the process
  • CIP/SIP system for various parts of the installation
  • SCADA visualisation systems according the Pfizer standards
  • Filtering systems in various parts of the process installation



  •  Engineering, construction and validation by one team facilitates collaboration. The validation team thinks along during construction, thus saving time in the validation phase.
  • A single point of contact for the client makes communication easy and fast.
  • No liability conflicts between different contractors during the construction process.
  • Agidens’ involvement in engineering allows early phase procurement of long term delivery items.
  • Joint engineering between Agidens and Pfizer guarantees the pharmaceutical company to keep ownership of the process.
  • Agidens is capable of delivering high quality GMP compliant mixing and blending systems.

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